About Beth

Beth is a natural light, on-location photographer based in the southwest United States. While her family has owned horses for many years, she discovered her passion when she combined her love of photography with the equine world.  Her college degree is in elementary education, which is perfect since she relates with kids better than she does most adults!  When she's not planning her next travel adventure or feeding her inner US-history-nerd, you can find her spending her time with high school students from her church or cuddling her labradoodle and goldendoodle :).  

Beth describes herself as a country girl that loves the city. She's happy photographing in a grassy field or in an urban alley.  She isn't afraid to get dirty, but she's a little OCD about using hand sanitizer (the cute ones from Bath + Body Works are her fave!).  She's a die-hard Phoenix Suns fan (since 6th grade!) with season tickets because she's pretty sure that Devin Booker is amazing even if they never win any games:).  

Her only fears are spiders, snakes, sharks, scorpions, and missing an episode of Survivor!

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