Hi! I'm Beth :)

Thanks for stopping by - make yourself at home! I'm a natural light, on-location photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. With clients in five states, I've worked for fifteen years to become someone that people trust to capture incredibly precious moments - with both humans and horses. My work has been published internationally, but I'm most proud of the images I have on my own walls at home. I began photographing horses when my daughter got her first pony in kindergarten (a naughty, feisty little Navajo mare that taught her how to fall and get back on!). As she grew and our little herd had several other horses added to it, I discovered that I had a profound love for capturing her bond with her 4-legged best friends. As a horse mom to an eventer for 13 years, I know the joys, struggles, victories, injuries, dirt, passion, and heartache that are part of loving a horse. My strength is in capturing your *relationship* with your horse. Although I receive many inquiries, I'm not a horse show photographer or a sales photographer; my passion lies in preserving the love and trust that you have with your horse.

High school seniors are in front of my lens just as much as horses are, and I have the MOST FUN hanging out with them! I love to tailor a senior's session to their own unique interests and personality. Sometimes that means that we are shooting in a colorful, grungy alley; sometimes that means that we are in a riparian preserve surrounded by nature. Even the seniors that claim they are uncomfortable in front of a camera will relax when they realize what a nerd I am! My style is very natural and a little photo-journalistic. I believe my seniors have a story to tell, and it's my job to help them tell it. From start to finish, I'm available to help with wardrobe ideas, locations, makeup tips, and everything in between.

I'm a mama to 3 amazing kids (22, 20, & 18) and two doodles (Lily + Levi) :). I absolutely *love* traveling and I have a strong Disney addiction. As in, my dream job would be to work at Disney World just so that I could be on the property all day, every day. I can't sing and I'm horribly uncoordinated, but I can rap Ice Ice Baby like a boss. I hate avocados and strawberries (I know this makes me lame!) and I decorate for Christmas the first week of November. If left unattended, I would have a whole collection of mini ponies, alpacas, sheep, and dogs:).