horses + their people

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capturing the connection

There's something about the human-horse bond that can only be captured by someone who has experienced it first-hand. My love for horses, and experience with them in dozens of environments, shows in the images that I carefully capture. I am calm and relaxed, soft-spoken, and take cues from your horse - and the results are images that are remarkable. I don't use reflectors or large equipment when working with you and your horse - just my camera (and occasionally some horse cookies!). If your horse isn't comfortable and happy, neither are you - and it will translate in your images. My goal is to put your horses' comfort first, and capture the love and affection in the horse-human bond. I work on location at your barn, or multiple locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana. I also have clients in multiple states in the western US. If you'd like to chat about having me out to your barn or ranch, please reach out - I would love to tell you about group discounts for your whole barn! Fill out the contact form below : )